When Is It a Good Time to Open a Bottle of Wine?


Some people would say every day is wine ‘clock while others crack open a bottle for special occasions. If you are a wine drinker or enthusiast then you would know there are tons of different types of wines. Red and white wine are the two types however they are both made of different blends and processes. Wines can also be bitter or sweet and each has their own preference.

However, at what occasions should either bottle be opened? For those who are not particular on what type of wine fits each occasion you might not think a big deal for you although for those wine lovers using the wrong wine is a crime in itself. So, for those wine newbies looking for a wine education here are a list of occasions and what type of wine fits each of them.

Birthdays or celebrations

If you are celebrating something then an obvious choice is a good bottle of Champagne. The bubble goodness is approved at any sort of celebration. It can be shared among family members, a group of friends or just about anyone who is celebrating something. While a good bottle of Champagne can be expensive there are different types and brands that can fit your budget. Going all out with a bottle of Champagne is also an option but there are different options if you need any.

Intimate gatherings

Celebrating an anniversary, date night or an intimate gathering crack open a bottle of red wine for the occasion. Red wines are sometimes known to taste slightly sourer but are ideal with addons such as cheese or a steak dinner. The year obviously affects the taste but red wines also alternate in its alcohol percentage. The best way to select a bottle of red wine is to find a wine store near you in Melbourne or whichever city you are in. This way you can even consult the sales person on what wine choice would be best.

Just taking a break

Who said you needed an occasion to celebrate with a glass or a bottle of wine? Unlike hard liquor wine is much more enjoyable as it can be sipped over a period of time. However, as a disclaimer your wine hangover could be quite bad too. Although in that moment of relaxation a glass of red wine with a movie could be just what you need to wind down at the end of the day.

At Weddings

Usually at weddings the wine offered depends on the preference of the wedding party but usually it is white wine that is served. It may be considered to be more enjoyable as it can range in sweetness. People also usually feel more comfortable drinking white wine as its alcohol percentage is relatively lower than red wine depending on the make and period of time of course. It works great as a wine to be served during speeches and for toasts.

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