What Type of Vape Should I Pick?

Vaping is so widespread that almost everyone in this generation has either tried or owns a vape. However, since vaping was first introduced into the smoking scene there have been so many developments in vaping related technology and the type of vapes in the market.

The basics behind each device are, however, the same. An e-juice of some sort (with or without nicotine) is sent through an atomizer which uses heat to convert this liquid into a vapor. If you’ve ever dropped some water on a hot pan, you’d probably seen these phenomena before. Vaping is basically the made-up name for “vaporizing”.

Even though vaping is quite popular it is still a new practice that has quite a lot of misconceptions around it.

Basic Components of a Vape

A typical vape is made out of 4 important parts,

  • A battery
  • A sensor
  • A cartridge (The tank)
  • An atomizer (the heating element)

The tank is the main part which holds the liquid which is converted into vapor. The vape atomizer is the heating element, and this is where the entire vaping process is based on. There is a different type of atomizers depending on the model. The battery is used to power this atomizer up and the sensor tells the battery to charge the atomizer so that it can heat the liquid.

If you are new to vaping the types of vapes in the market will hand down confuse you to such an extent that you might actually give up on the idea of vaping.

Type of Vapes

These are the 3 main types of vapes found in the market today

1.    Vape Mod

The word “Modification” is abbreviated to “Mod” and so a vape mod is basically an e-cigarette that is modified.

A Vape mod can be further modified according to personal preference. The Vape mod originated in terms of design from flashlights which were used by early vapers to make massive clouds of smoke. This device is available in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and designs but the fundamental principle is still the same.

Most vape lovers opt for this type of device because it can be easily modified.

2.    Vape Pen

The vape pens are literally like a normal pen and perform the same function as a vape mod but it is less powerful and cannot be modified as much as a vape mod. However, the device is much more portable and can easily fit inside your pocket.

Vape pen is also quite popular with Marijuana smokers nowadays.

3.    Cig-A-Like

Even if you’ve never seen a Cig-A-Like before I’m sure you can imagine what it looks like. This type of vape is a start level vape device.

This device is quite useful from a smoker who is trying to quit or transition into vaping. A cig-a-like device is much more portable than both the vape pen and the vape mod but is less powerful.

Despite the strict regulations imposed on the vaping community, the number of vapers is rapidly increasing. This is because is much less harmful when compared to a cigarette and is often a safe haven for people trying to quit smoking.

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