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7 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Dentures Appropriately

Dentures are replacements for your lost teeth and help you smile more confidently. They are typically removable and are either partial or complete.

No matter what denture you own, it is crucial to maintain them in a manner that will keep them in good condition for a longer time. In addition, your oral health is determined by how well you have maintained your dentures.

Read below to be aware of some tips on how your dentures can be used in the right way as well as other relevant information.

1.    Brush Your Dentures Every Day

Just like how important it is to brush your teeth, dentures also have to be brushed twice a day with the aid of a soft-bristled brush and a recommended denture cleaner. To prevent your dentures from any damage while brushing, keep a towel on the bathroom counter so your dentures will be protected if you drop them by mistake.

If you use denture adhesives make sure you brush off well any adhesive that is left behind in your dentures. After you finish brushing rinses them in warm water.

2.    Wash Your Dentures After Meals

Since you eat with dentures on, a lot of food particles can get stuck in your dentures.

Therefore, do not forget to rinse your dentures in warm water after every meal to get rid of food debris or any other particles. This is one way of extending the life of your dentures.

3.    Do Not Try to Adjust the Dentures on Your Own

Your dentures can become loose-fitting after using for a considerably long period or even after a short time if you have used your dentures poorly.

During such occasions, do not attempt to do any adjustment to your dentures by yourself as it can get worse. For denture adjustments and relines, visit your dentist and get the needful done professionally.

4.    Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Wearing dentures throughout the day can make you uncomfortable. To give a break to your mouth, remove your dentures before going to bed.

Make sure you soak them in warm water if they contain metallic attachments, or soak them in a denture-soaking solution and leave it overnight to keep them away from germs. Do not soak them in hot water because it can change the shape of your denture.

5.    Avoid Harsh Cleaning Substances

Your dentures are very prone to breakage so you must use non-abrasive materials to clean your dentures.

Do not use stiff-bristled brushes and toothpaste because they can severely damage your dentures making them inappropriate for usage.

6.    Avoid Products Containing Bleach

You may be tempted to use bleach-contained products because you want to whiten your dentures. But they only wear off the texture of your dentures and change their color.

Avoid soaking your dentures in substances containing chlorine if your dentures have a metal fixing, as chlorine can corrode the metal.

7.    Eat Carefully with the Dentures on

Although you can eat while wearing the dentures it might take some time for you to familiarize yourself with the dentures when having your meals. Therefore, it is important to use them correctly even while eating.

Take small bites of food and do not pull the food with a strong force. Also, avoid biting hard items especially with your front dentures to protect them from any potential damage.

Follow the above-mentioned instructions to take appropriate care of your dentures so that you can maintain proper oral health as well as smile better.

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