Everything You Need to Know About Partial Dentures

Have a couple of teeth missing that you’re not a fan of? A partial-denture can help. But knowing some things before investing in them is needed. You’d be the most informed with our points below. What’re you waiting for? Read ahead.

They Can Be Pricey

You might be aware that regular dentures are pricey. But what you may not realize is that partial ones cost quite a bit too. Thankfully, insurance pays for the most of it.

Depending on the doctor you’re working with, you can expect dentures to run you a bill of around $600 AUD.

You’ll Have to Wear Them for a While

When you first receive the teeth, you’re supposed to wear them for a while at the doctor’s office. This would let him know of any areas that might be too tight or loose.

When they’ve been adjusted, you can’t wear them all the time. You’re supposed to take them out at night and bathe them in a cleaning solution. Before this is done, a cleaning paste would have to be rubbed all over.

Check Ups Are Needed

With time, the shape of your mouth would change. You’re advised to get frequent check-ups, to ensure that the dentures would keep fitting perfectly.


How often should this be? It’s up to you. We’d recommend seeing the dentist every 6 months or so.

Don’t Do This When They Break

A partial denture would be made from acrylic. If high-quality acrylic was used, it would be stronger than usual.

If your set gets dented, don’t keep wearing it. You could cause damage to your gums or the rest of mouth.

The worst thing you could do is try and fix the cracks yourself. If superglue gets inside of your mouth, toxins would leach. When hardened, the glue would be sharp and could stab you too.

The Acrylic Used

Dentists are getting better at nailing the shades and fit of the teeth. Depending on how much you spent, the quality of acrylic used would differ. This is true for regular dentures too, not just partial ones.

The acrylic would affect appearance and comfort. Going with the quality type is especially important if you’re getting a set to replace teeth that is at the front of the mouth.

What Are You Eating?

Whether you have regular dentures or the partial kind, it’s important that you watch what you eat. It’s more important that you monitor what you drink, as several caffeinated drinks can stain the teeth. If you can’t avoid them, try and drink them through straws.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a quick summary partial-dentures require you to clean them often. You’re advised to soak them in a cleaning solution whenever you’re in bed. You’ll have to go to the dentist often too. He’ll know if your gums have changed shape, not letting your dentures fit properly anymore.

Who you’re working with would affect the price in the end. But in general, dentures aren’t very cheap.