Phytonutrients: Natures Natural Medicine

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Food is essential for our bodies to maintain function. Food provides us with a series of macro and micro nutrients that provide energy and support for our muscles and cells. Most people are aware of the benefits of particular nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D for bone health and Iron for muscle function, however, many are unaware of the benefits of certain chemicals found in plants known as phytonutrients. Read More


Want to lose weight? Make protein your friend

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In the continuing search for the best diet for weight management and weight loss, scientists and researchers are continuing to point the finger at high protein diets.

Protein along with Carbohydrates and Fat make up the three macronutrients that are in our food. This often underrated macronutrient is almost always associated with building large muscles and reserved for the intimidating guys in the corner of the gym lifting monster weights.

However incorporating a high protein diet in your weight loss plan can effectively help you achieve and maintain your goal weight. Read More

Vitamin D

Vitamin D: The most Underrated Vitamin for Health?

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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is rarely found in natural food Wine sources and is predominately synthesised by UVB rays from sunlight. Vitamin D obtained from our diets, supplements and from sunlight is the precursor of a steroid hormone that cheap mlb jerseys is involved cheap NBA jerseys in regulating calcium and phosphate homeostasis and must go through two biological wholesale jerseys processes to end up in its active form that the Robins body uses (also known as calcitriol) (Taylor sexy & Introduction Francis, 2003) Read More

Yoghurt Biotics

An Introduction to Probiotics

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Probiotics are world! defined as ‘live microorganisms’ which when administered in adequate amounts confer health IMAGE? benefits to the host (FAO/WHO, wholesale jerseys 2002). Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our intestines and help balance our gastrointestinal tracts microbial wholesale nfl jerseys balance (Nagpal et al, 2012).

Probiotics have been shown through numerous credible scientific studies to be an important part of overall health. This unique bacteria has been linked to reduced risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, urinary tract and upper respiratory tract infections and a reduction in blood pressure and constipation via improved food digestion (Nagpal et al, 2012). This is said to occur through reduced intestinal pH, production of bactericidal substances and release of gut protective metabolites and enzymes, strengthening the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa (De Vrese & Schrezenmeir, 2008).

Biotics Read More