An Introduction to Probiotics

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Yoghurt Biotics

Probiotics are world! defined as ‘live microorganisms’ which when administered in adequate amounts confer health IMAGE? benefits to the host (FAO/WHO, wholesale jerseys 2002). Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our intestines and help balance our gastrointestinal tracts microbial wholesale nfl jerseys balance (Nagpal et al, 2012).

Probiotics have been shown through numerous credible scientific studies to be an important part of overall health. This unique bacteria has been linked to reduced risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, urinary tract and upper respiratory tract infections and a reduction in blood pressure and constipation via improved food digestion (Nagpal et al, 2012). This is said to occur through reduced intestinal pH, production of bactericidal substances and release of gut protective metabolites and enzymes, strengthening the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa (De Vrese & Schrezenmeir, 2008).


Our gut contains hundreds of different types of bacteria (known as our micro-biome) that live mainly in the large bowel. These bacteria keep our gut healthy by promoting food digestion, maintaining a healthy bowel lining, supporting our immune system and even playing a role in our mood (due to the gut having its own nervous system known as the Enteric Nervous System that can communicate with the brain).

When we experience infections, consume contaminated foods and drinks or when we are simply fighting a small illness our gut bacteria is disrupted and can become unbalanced.

A negative balance of good and bad bacteria can promote poor health and gut discomfort.

Prebiotics and Synbiotics

A Prebiotic is a fermented ingredient that fuels the probiotic to increase survival and stimulating growth. These can include resistants starches and fibre and are essential in maintaining a healthy gut (De Vrese & Schrezenmeir, 2008).

Synbiotics are a nutritional supplement that contains both probiotics (bacteria) and prebiotics (fuel for the bacteria) providing a complete product for gut health.

How do we improve the Balance of Good and Bad Bacteria?

Eating pre/probiotic rich foods such as yoghurt can help improve this balance and prevent potential pathogenic bacteria and harmful metabolites in the intestine, promote the normalization of gastrointestinal mobility and modulation of immune wholesale nfl jerseys responses. Prebiotics will promote the survival and strengthen the probiotic bacteria ingested at the same time.  Symbiotic supplements are also very beneficial as they provide the good bacteria and the fuel (prebiotic) to further strengthen the positive effect.

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