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Personalised nutrition packages, delivered to your door. With everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

How it works



Let us know about your goals, training and any special health or allergy requirements



One of our specialists will create your personal box, with the perfect products for you.



Pick the sizes and flavours you’d like, and pass on any products you don’t want.



We deliver your personalised box Australia wide.

The Perfect Product

With a huge range of products that’s always growing, you can be sure your specialist will be able to find the right products for you. Our range caters for a diverse range of dietry needs like lactose or gluten intolerence.

Competitive prices

Even though BMB is a tailored service, you’ll find prices similar to what you’ll find at a health store or vitamin and supplement store. Once your box has been built, you’ll be able to see the cost of each item, and decide whether you want the whole box or just the products you want right now.

What To Expect

Matt’s BMB Box

“Matt’s a very buys guy, he runs two business and has two kids. Still, Matt manages to train Crossfit four times a week but is finding that he’s missing some meals and breaking his paleo diet with snacks. So, as this is Matt’s first box, I’ve put together a good introductory range, all Paleo friendly to help with his meals and also recovery after training”

Ben Tripodi 

  Ben Tripodi
  Active Nutrition Specialist 

avg. item price

<18 hrs 
Delivery Time

BMB Box #

One size fits none

Everybody’s different. There are thousands of different nutritional products, vitamins & supplements. 99% of them you don’t need. Between the sheer amount of products and all the industry jargon, browsing online or in your supermarket aisle can be overwhelming. Not to mention those intimidating nutrition stores.
On BMB, you’ll only see the products that are right for you. Your specialist will even explain why they’re right for you, and the best times to take them.

Personal Service

You’ll be introduced to one of our trained and certified nutrition specialists. Not only will they be able to create your box with the perfect products to help achieve your goals, they’ll also be able to explain why they’ve picked those products for you, and answer any questions you might have.

Quality you can trust

Where products haven’t already been tested by Informed Sports or Informed Choices, we conduct random, independent nutrition testing on the products we offer through NATA certified laboratories. So you can feel safe knowing all the products we stock are being held to the highest standards

“It works around me!”

“I train four times a week and work ridiculous hours. Build My Body is amazing! I received great advice, a box of fantastic products and it all worked around my schedule. I didn’t really have to do anything.”Matthew Knee

“I LOVE Build My Body!”

“I LOVE it! Thank you guys so much! I’m a busy woman, working mad hours and travelling a lot. I  fit my yoga and gym sessions in wherever I can. The fact that I don’t want to be bulky, my schedule is all over the place and I’ve got celiac disease means shopping for my nutrition is damn hard. These guys made it so simple, I never have to worry about it again.” – Jenna Frino


Are you ready to get started? It costs nothing to sign up and receive your personalised nutrition program. You don’t even have to buy the products from us if you don’t want!